Interview with Joana Mendes on the EUI and its impact on European constitutional imaginary

This interview follows up on our Third IMAGINE Workshop “Freedom and power of European constitutional scholarship”, where Joana Mendes chaired one of the panels. In this conversation, we talk about the intellectual impact of the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) on the building of the European Union’s constitutional imaginary,…


Jan Komárek: Political economy in the European constitutional imaginary – moving beyond Fiesole

Contribution to the online symposium on Poul F. Kjær (ed), The Law of Political Economy: Transformations in the Function of Law (CUP 2020), published at Verfassungsblog on 4 September 2020. The volume seeks to re-connect law and political economy, both understood in very broad terms. My contribution provides…

Jan Komárek and Joseph Weiler on “The Transformation of Europe”

1 June 2020, EUI Law Department, EU Law Working Group, Jan Komárek presented (online) paper Why read The Transformation of Europe today? On Transformation’s constitutional imaginary, Joseph Weiler commentator. Video from the seminar.