Michał Krotoszyński: “From Legal Impossibilism to the Rule of Law Crisis: Transitional Justice and Polish Counter-Constitutionalism”

Since 2015 the Law and Justice government has significantly altered the composition of the Polish Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, and the National Council of Judiciary. It has also expanded the power of the executive branch in relation to the courts. This process – which the majority of scholars and…

Wojciech Zomerski: “From the Facade to Solid Foundation? The Evolution of the Polish Constitutional Law Discourse in years 1944-1989”

Contrary to the widespread narrative in both Polish and European constitutional law discourse, this chapter argues that Polish constitutional law theory, as it evolved in the years 1944-1989, was an active subject rather than a passive object in the process of the transition from the authoritarian socialism to constitutional democracy.

Birgit Aasa and Michał Krajewski present at the EUI conference on The Rule of Law in the EU: Consensus and Discontent

On Thursday, 10 June Birgit Aasa will present her paper on ‘Mutual Trust and Rule of Law in the EU – an Uneasy Relationship’, the following day Michał Krajewski will talk on ‘The Many Faces of the Rule of Law: The Assets of EU Extra-Judicial Review Mechanisms’. Details…

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