… as related to inequality, the rise of populism and the wider skepticism of the liberal order that governed domestic and global politics of Europe.

The lecture series was produced as a collaboration between iCourts – the Centre of Excellence for International Courts and CEMES – the Centre for Modern European Studies at the University of Copenhagen in the autumn 2018 and spring 2019. Co-organized with Niklas Olsen (CEMES).

Autumn 2018 (with links to video recordings at YouTube):

  • 14 September, lecture by Perry Anderson (Distinguished Professor, UCLA, Department of History) on The Standard of Civilization,
  • 13 September: PhD course in Intellectual History by Perry Anderson and Niklas Olsen (Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Saxo Institute),
  • 29 November, lecture by Colin Crouch (Emeritus Professor at the University of Warwick): What institutions do we need to reform capitalism?,
  • 7 December, lecture by Samuel Moyn (Professor at Yale University, Department of History) on Human Rights History after the Inequality Debate,
  • 11 December, lecture by Marija Bartl (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam) on Legal Imaginaries and Social Change.

Spring 2019 (with links to video recordings at YouTube):

  • 13 March, lecture by Karen J. Alter (Professor of Political Science and Law at Northwestern University) & Cristina Lafont (Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University): Global Governance and the Problem of the Second Best,
  • 17 April, lecture by Michael Wilkinson (Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science): Lineages of Authoritarian Liberalism,
  • 27 May, lecture by David Grewal (Professor of Law at Yale Law School ) on Law and Democracy in Neoliberal Times.